International applied artificial intelligence contest for law and business students and alumni's

iLex Systems Ltd. and IBM are organizing an international contest for law and business students and alumni's. The purpose of the contest is to provide the participants with an opportunity to gain practical first hand experience about the opportunities offered by the Artificial Intelligence revolution we are experiencing and that is going to shape the future of the legal domain and business administration.

  • Announcement of the contest

  • Contest (90’ lessons in universities and online) CLICK on the icon for more information!

  • Closing Gala Event, Awards

Join the contest and be part of the AI Generation now!

International Contest Jury

Winners will be selected based on the votes of fellow participants and also based on the choice of the professional jury.

  • Prize – Smart Watch

    The International, National and Audience Award winners will receive an Apple Watch or an android smart watch depending on the choice of the winner. For the complete information about the prizes, please read the game rules.

  • Prize – Trip to Budapest

    The LEXI AI Generation contest also offers 2 nights in Budapest in a 4 star hotel accommodation for the non-Hungary resident national winners, who are attending the Gala Event organized in the exclusive ballroom of IBM Budapest Lab.

  • Prize – Gala Event and Closing Party

    National winners participating in the Gala Event are also receiving a VIP ticket to the closing party of the Gala Event where they will be transported with an exclusive limousine.

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