Game Rules

LEXI AI Generation powered by IBM Watson – Game Rules


iLex and IBM announce an international contest primarily for law and business students to offer an insight to the new opportunities created by the artificial intelligence revolution (“Contest”). During the Contest, participants will train LEXI, a virtual assistant developed by iLex using IBM Watson Assistant technology. Beyond law and business students the Contest is open for any other university students as well.

About the Contest

Participants are required to create a simple human-machine dialogue using IBM’s Watson Assistant technology. Subject to the choice of the participant, this can be done either in a university organized workshop, in an IBM organized workshop or individually. Training materials are available on the website of the Contest ( from October 8, 2018. For law and business students there will be some sample challenges published, nevertheless all students can choose different topic as well. The objective is to create dialogues that can be used to solve real life problems.

The two Reference Universities of the Contest are University of Pécs (Hungary) and Budapest Business School (Hungary). Opening event organized by University of Pécs will be held on October 8, 2018. Opening event organized by Budapest Business School will be held on October 25, 2018.

How to apply?

1, As a first step of registration participants need to create an IBM Cloud Account in case they do not have it yet using the following link

2, Following the instructions published from October 8, 2018 on the website participants need to create a dialogue in IBM Cloud using IBM Watson Assistant service.

3, Participants need to create a screenshot or a video of the dialogue they created and upload it to any public internet place (file sharing, box, youtube etc). If they wish, they may upload additional information and documents as well.

4, Participants need to fill in the submission form in the website of the contest including the internet link of the screenshot or a video they created. Submission deadline is November 14, 2018 24:00 Central European Time. For the submission form please click here >> Submission Form

Selection of the Winners (national and international)

The participants automatically attend the national and the international Contests as follows:

1, National Contests: There will be a national level Contest in countries listed on the website of the contest. The Contest is open for participants from additional countries as well. Applications from countries where there is no National Jury will be assessed by the International Jury. Participants can create dialogues on their own language or in English. National Juries will decide on the country Winners between November 15th and 17th and they will inform the Organiser by 12:00 (Central European Time) November 18th who will publish the Winner list on the website of the Contest on November 18th. Winners will also receive an e-mail notification to the e-mail address they provide on the submission form. The same day International Jury will be also informed.

Evaluation: The National Juries will select the Winners by country based on the professional content and real life usability of the questions and answers created by the participants. The basis of the assessment will be the submission form posted on the website of the Contest.

2, International Contest: National Winners will be invited to Budapest (travel is self-financed, but accommodation will be offered by the Organizer as further detailed in below) to an international final and gala event (“Gala Event”) in IBM Budapest Lab where they can present their dialogue in front of the international Jury either in person or via video conference. The Gala Event will be streamed over the internet via IBM Cloud Video streaming service. Date of the Gala Event is November 22, 2018. University representatives and other high profile guests will be present.


All participant will receive a certificate of participation.

Jury award:

International Winner: An Apple Watch or an Android smart watch depending on the choice of the Winner with the virtual assistant created by him/her installed on it.

National Winners: a smart watch

Organizer also offers on its own cost 2 nights 4 star hotel accommodation in Budapest for the non-Hungary resident national Winners of the Contest who are attending the Gala Event organized in the exclusive ballroom of IBM Budapest Lab. National Winners participating in the Gala Event are also receiving a VIP ticket to the closing party of the Gala Event where they will be transported with an exclusive limousine.

All Winners may request a personalized video about his/her achievement (subject to separate agreement regarding personal contribution from the Winners needed).

Further prizes are subject to further announcements on the website of the Contest.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the prizes until the deadline if the application submission. In the case of a change the Organizer will notify the Participants accordingly and allow the Participants modify or cancel their application.

The Winners will be notified via e-mail and / or phone. If the Winner does not communicate with the Organiser via e-mail or other way within 60 days or the information given is not verified or the Winner refuses the prize, the prize will automatically be awarded to the next successful substitute.

The Organizer does not take any warranties regarding the physical prize.

Members of the international and national juries will be announced on the website of the Contest.

By attending the Contest, the participants agree to the current terms and conditions and in case they win, allow the Organizer publish their names on the Contest website.

Organizer of the Contest

The Organizer of the Contest is iLex Systems Zrt. Head Office and Mailing Address: 1133 Budapest, Capital Square, Váci út 76. 3rd Floor, Tax Number: 23064920-2-41, Trade Register Number: 01 10 046876 (used herein: iLex or Organizer).

Co-organizer is IBM Magyarországi Kft.  1117 Budapest Neumann János u.1 (used herein: “IBM”) and additional affiliates of the IBM group.


iLex and IBM group staff members, close relatives of the staff involved in the Contest cannot participate in the Contest. Their application is invalid; they will be automatically excluded.